2022 Bookings
18th Mar Jack & Co (DJ Kristan v Shawsax)
30th April Wedding (Escape To The Château)
18th June Wedding Anniversary 

Harbour: 9.30pm start

Satlurday 2nd

Sunday 3rd July MK at the George Mumbles

Saturday 16th

Saturday 30th


Rest Bay Café Bar: 5-7pm

Sunday 10th


3rd wed 86150 Jourdan Matt 

6th Aug Casa del Tapas in 86460 Pressac

Fri 12th August Natalie wedding 

Sat 13th August Simon Herring 

Friday 19th Red Lion

20th Aug Casa del Tapas in 86460 


21st Romcom

27th Wedding St Tropez

10th Sept Wedding Jersey 

17th Sept Wedding cocktail 

24th September Red Lion

8th Oct Anne Tiffany Clement RanCoudray 50140

15th Famous Knight

21st Oct Jack N Co

29th Oct Jardin Froulay 

23rd Aug 60th Birthday Party (garden) Sourdeval
17th September 2022 Wedding Mayenne, Loire- France
28th Sept Porthcawl Elvis Festival-(Elvis Tribute)
3rd Dec Harbour Bar Porthcawl
10th Dec Harbour Bar Porthcawl
17th Dec Harbour Bar Porthcawl
New Years Eve Harbour Bar Porthcawl

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