15th December - Private Works Function
16th December - The Harbour Bar Porthcawl
17th December - The Jolly Sailor, Newton, Porthcawl
23rd December - The Harbour Bar - Porthcawl
31st December - The Jolly Sailor - Newton.

9th January - 19th April 'The World Cruise' P&O Arcadia Cruise Ship

Fri 20th April Hi tide (9-12)

Fri 27th April Hi tide

Sat 28th April-29th September Saturdays at The Harbour Bar

Sun 29th April hi tide (2-4)

Sun 6th May Jolly Sailor

Fri 18th May Hi Tide 

Sun 20th May Hi Tide (4-6)

Sun 27 may Jolly Sailor

Fri 8th June Hi Tide

Sun 10th June Hi Tide (2-4)

Sun 24th June hi tide (2-4)

Fri 29th June  Hi Tide

Sun 1st July Hi Tide (4-6)

Sun 1st July Jolly Sailor

Sat 28th July Hi Tide (4-6)

Sun 29th July Jolly Sailor

Fri 10th Aug Hi Tide

Sat 11th Aug Gavins Party

Sun 12th Aug hi tide (4-6)

Sun 26 Aug Jolly Sailor

Fri 31st Aug Hi Tide

Sun 2nd Sept Hi Tide (2-4)

Fri 14th Sept Hi Tide

Sun 16th Sept Hi Tide (4-6)

3rd October - 7th Dec Arcadia

23rd Dec -Ceris Private Party

31st Dec Jolly 

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